VIPenguin Terms & Conditions

Referring a friend is a great way to tell others about Pink Penguin and we want to reward both you and them about spreading the word of the good work that we do.

With all offers, there are a few rules (or Terms and Conditions, but let’s not get too formal) so everyone plays fair. Here they are: -


Pink Penguin referral partners can: -

  • Refer multiple friends — there’s no limit. Referred friends must be completely new to Pink Penguin. They can’t have placed an order or have been gifted Pink Penguin products at any time.
  • Only have one account (which must have a problem-free history) and can’t refer themselves — sorry!
  • Post the unique referral link on personal social media accounts, excluding any site that is contributed to or is owned by someone else (e.g. Wikipedia and coupon websites). Note: Search Engine Marketing (e.g. Adwords, Yahoo, or Bing) or the words ‘coupon’, ‘code’, ‘promo code’, ‘discount code’, ‘voucher code’ or ‘voucher’ must not be used to promote posts.

Referred friends can: -

  • Join Pink Penguin as a referred friend if they’ve never made (or paid) for an order. They can start referring their own friends as soon as they have an account

Let's talk rewards

Referred friends can: -

When referring friends, Pink Penguin account holders get access to a wide range of rewards. These are broken down into:

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Commission
  • Products
  • Services

Within each category are a number of specific rewards that have a point’s value that friends can access. Our referral partners will accumulate points when their friends spend money on projects with Pink Penguin.

About our credit

  • Credit is the word we use for credit applied to accounts (it has no official monetary value and can’t be exchanged, transferred, redeemed, replaced or refunded for proper cash).
  • Use it as part or full payment for the services we offer including Business Cards, Flyers and more – please note it cannot be used for shipping, gift cards or any taxes.
  • It lasts for 12 months without a purchase. When an order is placed, your balance automatically refreshes to another full 12 months — even if credit isn’t used as payment.
  • Thinking of sharing credit? Sorry, it can’t be transferred from person to person.
  • Credit ultimately belongs to Pink Penguin.

What if...

  • A referred friend cancels their first order? Pink Penguin will reclaim any Credit given to the referring account holder.
  • Someone closes their account? Any leftover Credit will go back to Pink Penguin.
  • Rules or incentives change or end? It’s not often, but this can happen. If it does, we will reflect the changes here.
  • A referred friend or referring account holder has questions? Pink Penguin will reply and any decisions made will be at Pink Penguin’s sole discretion.
  • Privacy is a concern? Rest easy — our Refer a Friend programme uses our website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so everyone’s completely safe.

Please note that our standard Terms & Conditions also apply

Referred friends can: -

You are a customer of Pink Penguin and you think we did a really great job. One of your friends (ABC Ltd) wants some new, fresh, professional looking business cards creating and asks if you know anyone who could produce them. You tell them about Pink Penguin and when they contact us to order some business cards they say you recommended us to them. We create and deliver ABC Ltd’s new business cards and invoice them £100.00. When ABC Ltd pay us the invoice we credit your account with 100 points. You then build up and accumulate points over a period of time for use with the online store. Here, you can exchange you’re all or a specific amount of points for different rewards.


Term Definition
Pink Penguin Also may be referred to as “We” or “Us” or indeed any other phrase that a person could reasonably deduct as meaning Pink Penguin. All these phrases refer to Pink Penguin Creative LLP with company number OC356981
Referrer/ referral partners/ account holders Referrer/ referral partners/ account holders Any company that has made and paid for an order from Pink Penguin
Referred Friend/ Friend Any company that has not previously made and paid for an order from Pink Penguin
Product Refers to any good(s), service(s) or solution(s) offered by Pink Penguin as part of its business operations
Charges The sums payable by the Referrer to Pink Penguin


  1. A reference to on gender shall include any or all genders and a reference to the singular may be interpreted where appropriate as a reference to the plural and vice versa.

  2. A reference to a person includes human individual, a corporate entity and any organisation which is managed or controlled as a unit.

  3. A reference to a person includes reference to that persons successors, legal representatives, permitted assigns and any person to whom right and obligations are transferred or pass as a result or a merger, division, reconstruction or other re-organisation involving that person.

  4. In the context of permission, “may not” in connection with an action of yours, means “must not”.

  5. A reference to the knowledge, information, belief or awareness that person would have if he had made reasonable inquiries.

  6. All money sums mentioned in this agreement are calculated net of VAT, which will be charged when payment is due.

  7. This agreement is made only in English language. If there is any conflict in meaning between the English language version of this agreement and any version of translation of this agreement in any other language, the English version shall prevail. If a version of this agreement has been supplied to you in some language other than English, that is a courtesy only and that translated version is of no legal effect.