We provide creative and innovative marketing solutions that will help to grow your brand. Our team have the skills and experience to plan, build and execute marketing campaigns, design solutions and websites that will provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

Using the full spectrum of the marketing mix, Pink Penguin have contributed to the success of businesses right across the country. It is too easy to be vanilla in a Neapolitan world, so we ensure our clients are seen and heard long before their competitors.



Starting with an analysis, we undertake research around the existing brand and company. We look at the company values, analyse competitors and their branding and conduct some market research on client’s perception of the brand. From the analysis, ideas are discussed and defined amongst the team. Concepts are drafted up and developed, which could include colour swatches, font testing, logo concepts and the story and emotions behind the project. The final stage is to reveal the project and concepts to the client. We present the ideas and reasoning’s behind the concept and get crucial feedback from the client. At this stage, we work together to fine tune the project ready for launch.