3 Social Media Posts guaranteed to get Engagement

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The world of Social Media can be a baffling one. There are many so-called ‘rules’ floating about the internet which try to dictate how to generate success from your Social Media Marketing efforts. It’s true – while there are some sure-fire ways to get people seeing your post across social platforms, you can never guarantee that people will click on it. It’s even less likely that it will send droves of people to your website in search of your services. Nevertheless, there are some go-to social media posts to get engagement, that every brand should have in their arsenal.

Here are some of our favourites!

The Value Adder

I guess our first point won’t come as a surprise, right? Sharing high-quality, helpful and informative posts on social media can have a massive positive effect on your brand as well as audience engagement. Everyone likes to help others! Especially on social media, where by definition, people go to be social, share information with others and discover new content themselves.

According to research, over 70% of consumers will choose to make a purchase based on whether or not they trust a brand. Ultimately, building this trust and a relationship with your audience should be the first step in your social media marketing strategy. Providing content in the form of seasonal or evergreen blog posts, info bites, infographics and more can help start this process.

An added bonus of sharing content from your blog posts, is that it generates a second source of traffic directly to your website. If you continually provide your audience with informative and valuable content, you will quickly establish yourself as an industry leader. Consequently, you will see your like and share rates increase.

TIP: Suggesting that the audience tag or mention a friend who might benefit from your information, will immediately increase your impression rate.

The Story

Why do we love stories so much? Simply because they evoke some kind of emotion. Let’s about some of the most talked about marketing campaigns of recent years – the John Lewis Christmas Advert.

Why does it attract so much attention, that even in July, we’re asking ourselves what will be the theme of this years ad? Because it makes us feel something – compassion, empathy, love. The stories that are told in these adverts help us to feel connected to the brand. If it works well enough, we start to connect the brand to those exact emotions we feel. John Lewis = empathetic, compassionate, caring.

So, using storytelling in your posts can be a great way to help consumers connect with your brand, increase likes, comments and shares.

TIP: If you can’t think of a story to tell your audience, think about current events or big changes in your company. Maybe you had a team-building night out? This type of content helps your audience feel connected to your brand.

The Recognition

As we’ve already touched on, the aim of social media is to be exactly that: social. If you think that someone else has provided good advice, feel free to credit them and make use of their content. To the audience, this will show that you are there to provide helpful information, even if it’s not your own.

If your brand comes across as willing to embrace the success of other people, it shows you aren’t self centered and in turn will attract people to your brand.

Recognition can come in many forms. It doesn’t just have to be helpful content that you share. Even celebrating or sharing something funny or trending can boost your engagement rates. In fact, one of our most popular tweets had nothing to do with us at all!

Why not try retweeting or sharing the posts of your followers? This is particularly useful for brands with a larger following. Not only will it show your willingness to celebrate other people, but you’ll make your customer or follower feel great.

Now, while we’re all for sharing other people’s content, make sure you give them the right credit. Everyone loves someone willing to help. Nobody likes someone who passes of someone else’s work as their own!

TIP: Tag or mention the person you’re crediting in your post. This will encourage them to engage with your post directly and it might even get in front of more eyes!


So, what do you think? Are there any more social media posts guaranteed to get engagement and drive traffic to your website? Let us know which ones we missed!