5 Ways SEO will Help your Business

SEO Benefits and Advice

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” – Anonymous

I’ll be honest, this made me chuckle when I first came across it.  However it reflects a sad truth about search engine optimisation (SEO), that without it, your website and in turn, your business will be lost in the sea of competitors vying for that coveted first page.

Think about this, how many times have you said ‘Google it’ in the past few years? My bet is, quite often. Now that search engines are our go to, SEO is more crucial than ever in boosting your brands visibility.

Ok, we get it. SEO is important. But can you really say that you know how implementing a solid SEO strategy can impact your business in the long run?

If your answer was anything but a definitive yes, then settle in and read on. We’ve compiled 5 reasons to pencil ‘SEO’ into tomorrow’s diary…

  • More customers and conversions

Let’s face it, the main reason for your business having a website in the first place is to boost your customer base. Why would anyone spend hundreds of pounds on marketing otherwise, right?

Unlike many other forms of marketing such as email, newsletters and social media, SEO exists as one of the only techniques which relies on customers actively seeking out your business’s products or services, which means half the battle of converting a customer is already won.

By investing the extra effort and money, properly implemented SEO will help to bring ‘targeted’ traffic to your website and eventually, create more conversions than any other marketing technique you use.

  • Better user experience

Myth-busting time!

SEO is not only about optimising for search engines, it can also enhance user experience of a website. Providing a well-structured and uncluttered website with relevant, engaging content will encourage casual visitors to stay on your website.

With page visit times playing a role in SEO, it means that supplying your visitors with easy to navigate, high-quality content will in turn, boost your rankings.

  • Build brand awareness and credibility

Here’s something to think about… when you make a Google search, how do you choose which link to click on. My guess is you either pick a name you recognise, or more likely, when making a brand new search, you choose something from the top 3 or 4 results.

The point is, we unconsciously trust search engines. This is how businesses looking to raise their brand credibility can benefit from SEO. When your website appears on the top page of major search engines, your potential customers are more likely to trust and recognise your brand. This increases the likelihood of them clicking through to your website in the future.

  • Beat the Competition

When you take two websites providing the same product at similar prices and one site has implemented an effective SEO strategy, whereas the other has a non-optimised website, which one do you think generates the most traffic?

The power of SEO can’t be understated. To put it simply, the better your SEO is, the more likely you are to capture the attention of potential customers.

  • It Works!

There’s no need to sugar-coat this. Although SEO is a long-term strategy to implement and the impact won’t be seen overnight. The reality is that it does everything we’ve just talked about.

Although SEO strategies are constantly evolving, the core elements remain the same. It is never too late to get into the game. However, be careful not to leave it too long to avoid an awfully long game of catch-up.

So, there we have it. While it is possible to implement SEO yourself with some simple edits to your website, why not make life even easier for yourself and look to outsource your SEO management to the experts? Take a look at this link for even more information on what SEO can do for your business.

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