I know what you’re thinking, another marketing and design agency. There are plenty about already, what makes these guys so different? And to a degree, maybe you’re right. We draw, we build websites, we provide print, we offer marketing solutions.

But the real difference?

We take a chance and do really innovative stuff – take a look at our campaigns page and see exactly what we mean!


We are good at what we do – have a read of some of the case studies if you don’t believe us. The Stratus Technologies piece is particularly interesting…

Stratus Technologies

We really think about what we are delivering – any design agency can draw and any web agency can build you a website; so we go further than that and look into the psychology of what makes marketing and branding successful. We wrote some blogs on it too; check out our blog section and learn about it yourself!


We really do put customer service at the forefront – yes, every company says that! But does every company have a free online campaign portal to manage their campaigns and projects? Does every company have a VIP scheme designed to reward their customers? We are immensely proud of these and suggest you go see why


So there are a couple of things about us and why we are different. If you want to learn more about Pink Penguin though just get in touch with us.