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Project: Bar Zero is Teesside’s first and only non-alcoholic bar. It is a charity enterprise that sits above The Fork In The Road on Linthorpe Road. Both enterprises are ran under the guidance of Andy Preston.

Bar Zero wanted to have an online presence that was very simple and served to inform and educate people of the purpose of itself. The branding was already created and the bar had been open and running for a short period of time. So when Pink Penguin took on this project, it already had a base of which to work from.

Having met with Andy to discuss the project, it was identified that clean and clear colours and design were needed to match the theme of the bar’s purpose and values. The facility is available for hire from people and regularly holds events. It was important an enquiry form and a calendar were part of the website design.

Pink Penguin went away and did some research into similar enterprises and how their online presence looked. A draft was created that incorporated a style associated with other non-alcoholic bars and groups whilst taking the key messages the Bar Zero time identified. Taking the brief of the client, the website is very clean and, perhaps most importantly, offers content which will help those affected with alcohol misuse.


Bar Zero website

Bar Zero website




“I am thrilled at what Pink Penguin have done for Bar Zero. The website is perfect and does exactly what I wanted it to. It looks fantastic we are all very pleased with the work carried out. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Pink Penguin to other businesses looking for websites”

– Andy Preston, Founder



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