We like to think we are a smart and innovative colony here at Pink Penguin. We pride ourselves on offering something that little bit extra in our campaigns and creating things that make people stop and take notice.

This page is dedicated to just some of the quirky idea, campaigns and activities we’ve carried out for ourselves previously. We’ll add to this over time and if you want to take inspiration from these campaigns and try them yourself, feel free. You might find you’d like us to offer some support to your attempts at these too…

How many Penguins?

This video was used across all Pink Penguin social media platforms as well as being included in our newsletter. It was a short video that again created customer engagement. It is very straight forward and starts off by asking how many penguins can you see in the clip. We’ll let you watch the rest…

Valentine’s Day Card

Campaigns valentines day

We sent a valentines card to 150 individuals whom we’d never communicated with previously. The front was a generic looking card and inside was a short message with a personalised URL to that person’s name – e.g. When the reader clicked through to the website, they found that we were giving away a marketing package and all they had to do was read a paragraph and answer a question. You wouldn’t believe us if we told you how many of those 150 people visited the webpage and then interacted with us!

World Poetry Day

Campaigns poetry day

We thought we’d join in on World Poetry Day in 2017 and decided to come up with our own poem. Following along the lines of ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…’  Pink Penguin shared their own across social media pages.

Hand wrote cards



Around seasonal and key times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter, we hand write and post a batch of cards to a select number of people. Everyone likes to receive a hand written card or letter, no matter who you are. The time we take to do this proves invaluable as it is always evidently appreciated from the recipients and allows us to continue to show going that little bit extra.

‘You are a’ GIF

The ‘You are a…’ GIF was designed as an Instagram post with the intention of creating a fun and engaging user experience. The GIF ran through a range of humorous, joking and playful descriptions with people encouraged to take a screen shot and see what they were. There was a prize available too for anyone who got ‘You are a winner’!

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