10 Ways to Make your Christmas Marketing Sparkle…Even if you think you’re too late

10 Ways to Make your Christmas Marketing Sparkle…Even if you think you’re too late

Twas the month before Christmas, the festivities looming,

Business was good, but could it be booming?

So here we’ve collected some festive tips,

To make sure your marketing goes off with no blips,

So sit back, read on and heed this advice,

And your company’s Christmas will surely be nice!


  1. Limited Offers

Specific product offers and discounts are great techniques to implement around Christmas time. But adding a time limit and therefore a sense of urgency will encourage more people to engage. Take care to state the length of time remaining so people don’t feel cheated out of an opportunity.

  1. Giveaways

At Christmas, it’s easy enough to do something nice because of the spirit of the season. This makes social media giveaways an invaluable method of increasing engagement with your social media profiles because, put simply – people love a freebie. Remember to offer something of value which will get followers in the festive mood!

  1. Embrace Social Media

During the festive period, social media goes into overdrive. Stay active over different platforms to make the most of this, by posting content, interacting and getting involved in conversations. If you’re late to the marketing party, embracing social media is one of the best ways to boost engagement.

  1. Schedule Content

With the added workload that the Christmas season often brings, it can be difficult to accompany this with creating extra seasonal content. By scheduling this content, it can save time, effort and panic when you remember you were meant to post on Facebook. Buffer and Hootsuite are two great scheduling tools with easy-to-use free options.

  1. Decorate Profiles

This can be one of the simplest ways to add a festive flare to your online presence. It can be anything from adding a Santa hat to your profile picture, to adding a festive background to your website and social media.

  1. Advent calendar

It may take a bit more planning, but an interactive advent calendar can be a valuable way of attracting new consumers as well as engaging your existing ones. Alternate giveaways, with Christmas trivia, fun tips and tricks and industry-specific advice to create exciting and valuable content which will draw people back day after day.

  1. Use branded hashtags

Hashtags are used on social media to create conversations and provide another way to encourage engagement. Keep it relevant to your brand, short and easy to remember. Some of my personal favourites from Christmases past are #ManOnTheMoon, #TedsElfie and #HolidaysAreComing.

  1. Help Others

As they say, Christmas is the time for giving and what better way than for your business to partake in a spot of fundraising. It can be anything from an Office Christmas Jumper day to a sponsored skydive. This year, we at Pink Penguin are taking part in a bit of fundraising ourselves, you can read all about it here.

  1. Email Marketing

Another very simple way of incorporating some Christmas cheer into your marketing strategy. Theme your subject lines with a festive theme. An eye-catching subject can draw in people who may usually scroll past without a second glance. It is a great way to market any discounts or deals your company is offering.

  1. Don’t neglect New Year

Think ahead to what happens after the festivities end. There’s no better time to change up your marketing strategy than the New Year. Take time to reflect on the past month and ask yourself what worked, what didn’t and what changes you can make to make the next year even better.

So, now you’re armed with a selection of quick and easy ways to add some festive flavour to your Christmas marketing. While it’s unlikely you’ll use all of these tips, implementing just a few may mean the difference between a Blue Christmas and a Merry Christmas.