CLIENT NEWS: VD Coaching aiming to help Middlesbrough children enjoy PE again

Health and fitness coach Victoria Dales is overhauling the PE lessons and after school clubs of Middlesbrough primary schools.

Though currently placed in Linthorpe Primary School to cover PPA, PE sessions and after school clubs, Victoria and her coaches from her company VDCoaching, have previously provided sports sessions for several other local primary schools.

The coaches cover a variety of sports, from gymnastics to tag rugby, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Many of these PPA and PE cover sessions receive government funding to help encourage children to keep fit, healthy and active.

Victoria began coaching at Linthorpe School in 2015, and since starting up her own company in 2018, placed other coaches from VDCoaching in the school to take over the PE and after school sessions.

For her, it’s important to keep that side of her company running as “it enables children to try new things that they wouldn’t necessarily choose to and with the vast variety of sports we offer, there’s something that every child will take an interest in.”

Not only does the coaching offer an in-school solution to keeping children active, but the inclusion of lunch and after school clubs means that some of them even go on to progress further in a specific sport which opens opportunities to compete in various school events, both locally and nationally.

Victoria spoke of her goal: “I would love to expand back into primary schools, start coaching secondary schools across Middlesbrough and the rest of the North East, and hopefully in the longer term, go national.”

Victoria hopes the coaching will run in schools for the foreseeable future, and to fuel her expansion aspirations, she is offering a trial day to local schools, which will involve a 3-hour session with two of her coaches, allowing the school to select whichever trainer is more suited to them.

It has been a busy year for Victoria, since launching her own company at the start of 2018. Since forming her dance school in April, they have toured around the country and competed in several national competitions.

Most notably, she recently represented Team GB in the PCA Bodybuilding World Championships and was awarded 6th place.