Digital Marketing Trend Predictions for 2019

Digital Marketing Trend Predictions for 2019

The world of digital marketing is fast-moving and doesn’t wait for stragglers to catch up. This makes anticipating trends essential for-marketers to stay ahead of the game. With 2019 fast approaching, it is time to start looking ahead to strategies for the New Year and how to make the most of your marketing.

Sometimes, changes in the field of marketing technology can be easily predicted. The end of Google+ didn’t surprise anyone did it?! Some might be slow burners, lingering in the pipeline for some time. Others might come totally out of left field and quickly become the next big thing.

Here, we run down our predictions for the field of digital marketing going into 2019.

Video Marketing

Video has dominated content marketing over 2018. There is an estimation that 82% of all traffic will be through video by 2020. That means a lot has got to happen over the next year. The rise of YouTube has made video an integral part of our daily lives and has since started spilling over into the world of business. With more and more consumers favouring an emotional connection to a hard sales pitch, this is not surprising. Video allows you to share a lot of information whilst also conveying personality.

We should also expect to see live streaming becoming a more integrated part of many marketing strategies. The importance of exciting consumers while engaging them should not be understated. Live video allows instant interactivity and a two-way conversation with an otherwise faceless brand.


You know what these are, the little pop up boxes with a cheery man called Steve asking you how he can help. It is estimated that these little guys will be dealing with 80% of online customer interactions by 2020. They offer a solution which is quicker than humans, but can provide the same personalised service to customers.

They can also benefit you as a business. Facebook is amongst those leading the way with chatbot integration. They can help improve your business’s response rate and overall customer satisfaction.

Voice Interaction

Thanks to Siri, Google and Alexa, verbal interaction is rising. Machines are catching up to how people prefer to search for new things. This creates a problem for digital marketers, as a voice search only supplies 1 or 2 results as opposed to hundreds of pages from typed searches.

Preparing for the increase in voice interaction may mean making meta-descriptions of your website more conversational and optimised for speech, as opposed to general keyword bundles often used for written searches.


We’ve already established how consumers prefer an emotional response to content as opposed to a hard sell. Storytelling, at its more basic is the technique of crafting a message in the most engaging way to help brands connect with their customers and create brand loyalty. At its most basic, it’s the technique of crafting a message in the most engaging way to capture attention and ensure your brand is the one consumers remember. In the words of online marketing professional, Bryan Eisenberg, “Facts tell, but stories sell.”

Mobile Friendly

Mobile marketing is not a new concept, but in a digital landscape where 80% of all time on social media is spent on mobile and 88% of users who search for a local business via mobile, visit it within 24 hours, it is not (bad) to say that we should expect this to increase even more over the next year.

In a similar way to preparing for voice interaction, you need to be the SEO police and write meta-descriptions which are optimised for mobile usage. This can be achieved through: writing shorter headlines, adding a summary paragraph and chunking content to make it easier to consume.

So there we have it. Make sure to check back this time next year and see how many we got right! What techniques will you be adopting for your marketing strategy in 2019?