Holmwood School

Services: Design

Project: Holmwood School are a specialist school in Middlesbrough that caters for children from reception age to the end of Year 6. It provides nurturing educational provision for children with special needs.

Pink Penguin were tasked with creating a design for a very important aspect of the school – the colourful room. The purpose behind this room is to offer a safe and separate environment to the rest of the school where pupils could go if it they are having challenges or is deemed not suitable for them to be with their class. The area should be a place in which children can go to calm themselves and capture their thoughts before returning to the classroom environment.

The existing room had a bright colourful design that followed a flow around the room. There was nothing wrong with the design but it had started to look a little dated and had some damage. The staff at Holmwood had chosen to go with an ‘Under the Sea’ theme for the new design.

Pink Penguin set about drafting an underwater scene that contained lots of brightly coloured fish, coral and other sea life. Interactivity was included with a challenge set on one side of the wall for pupils using the room to find and count all of the clown fish incorporated into the design – our very own Finding Nemo if you will.



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