New Penguin Waddles In

Dave & Jenny

The Teesside based company that offers marketing innovative solutions for most marketing needs has welcomed a new team member Jenny Jackson to its growing team.

Jenny is the first person hired onto the company’s three-year Marketing Manager trainee program. She will be working alongside the Pink Penguin team helping companies market their products and increase brand awareness.

Welcoming someone else to the team so soon after the last only speaks of how busy the demand for marketing has become and is a testament to the quality of work that is being produced for companies across the North East.

After becoming accustomed to this role, Jenny said “I’m excited to put the theories and understanding to the test from what I learned and developed at University. Having this opportunity has enabled me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things, alongside learning new ideas. I have always had a creative flair, and this somewhat puts what is envisioned to life”.

On her appointment, company director David commented, “I am thrilled to welcome Jenny to the Pink Penguin team. Jenny has recently completed her University course and it is evident with some of the knowledge and insights she has already brought to the business. She will undoubtedly add quality to an already very knowledgeable and skilful team”.

With many campaigns in the works, the addition of another member to the colony was a must as the company looks to develop and expand further