The Pink Penguin Team

At Pink Penguin there are 7 full time working employees within the company. There is an ethos and way of working to integrate our team into the client’s business. The staff like to feel they are part of your team and serve as an extension of your business.

Below is a snapshot of the employees and the roles and activities they carry out.

David Elvis – Director

David is responsible for the day to day management of Pink Penguin and overseeing and implementing its activities. Following on from a previous role as Marketing Manager at an ICT firm, David has a vast range of experience in marketing. He carries out marketing and lead generation activities for businesses. This can include traditional marketing activities, newsletters, blog articles, PR, social media and more.

Always looking for new and creative ways of carrying out marketing and lead generation ideas, David offers Pink Penguin’s clients alternative views and opinions to activities. His writing and content creation skills are strong and to be utilised.

Sophie Hobson – Marketing Campaign Manager

As a marketing manager, Sophie plans and executes marketing, campaign and lead generation activities both for Pink Penguin and its customers. This is predominantly via traditional marketing activities but as her experience and knowledge grows this is moving onto activities such as digital media and content writing.

Sophie is a hard working individual who is willing to try new and innovative marketing activities. Her soft-approach with eshots in particular has drawn a lot of success and will be a key activity Pink Penguin draws on. There is a strong passion for marketing and this is reflected in the work Sophie delivers.

Holly Baggott – Design Manager

Holly is responsible for the visual aspect of Pink Penguin. She has always been involved in design work, right from education and then by working on a freelance basis before joining Pink Penguin.

Her design work is very impressive and is a key selling point for the company’s design services. Holly frequently has good ideas when it comes to the design of marketing pieces and always proves to be an invaluable asset to the client. She is self-taught in web design though the quality of her websites would lead you to believe she has been doing it for a number of years.

Daniel Griffiths – Lead Generator

Daniel works closely with Sophie on the marketing and lead generation side of the business, working on marketing and campaign activities. The difference being Daniel works purely on client delivery and on traditional activities such as outbound calling and email marketing.

His ability to absorb knowledge and implement it into his daily working methods is fantastic and has delivered high quality success to a number of Pink Penguin clients.

Fiona Marcotullio – Marketing Campaign Manager

Fiona joined Pink Penguin to work alongside David and Sophie in becoming an all-round marketing guru. She comes with great knowledge in content writing and social media activities. Even from her early days in the company Fiona delivered success in both of these areas for Pink Penguin and our clients.

Her approach to working with clients is friendly and thorough. Her writing skills and content production is phenomenal and quickly proved to be a great asset to Pink Penguin. Fiona will help to build brand profiles and awareness levels as well as generating a steady flow of inbound leads via digital platforms.

Jenny Jackson – Marketing Campaign Manager

Jenny’s role at the team is similar to Fiona and Sophie. She has incredible drive and passion when it comes to marketing and if something needs doing, Jenny will get it done.

Her skill set is varied and ability to learn new things is a fantastic attribute. She will be supporting clients with developing their brand awareness and marketing programmes which will in turn grow the business.

Rob Howdle – Developer

Rob is responsible for software and web development on both client and Pink Penguin projects. His knowledge and expertise on coding, software and development are second to none. This knowledge will help support business growth through technology.

There is a fantastic ability in Rob to be able to pick up and learn new skills. This has quickly had a positive impact on client projects and delivery. Already many have commented on the impressive nature of Rob’s abilities.