Why Print is not Dead

Whether you are attending an event, meeting a prospective client for the first time or trying to introduce your brand to a whole new audience, it is fair to say that making that positive first impression is crucial for business people. So how does print help with that?

Incorporating print into your marketing efforts and material can really help to give your business a boost. After all, every piece of marketing you send out (in whatever format) is a reflection of your business.

Below is a number of reasons why print is not dead and in fact very much a useful and relevant tool within the marketing spectrum.

First Impression’s count for everything…and Print is here to help!

It’s a cliché but you will only get one chance at making a first impression – so you best hope it’s a good one!

If people have a positive first encounter of your brand, then you are already off to a great start and they will associate you as a good business to deal with. It is a lot harder to change someone’s impression from a negative to a positive one.

So, how do you create that positive first impression? With print of course!

  1. Introduce yourself with Print

An extremely cost-effective way of getting your brand noticed and shared is through sending out direct mail such as flyers, booklets and postcards. If you are looking to reach out to prospective new customers, then try introducing yourself with printed marketing material.

  1. Prioritise Quality Print

One of the reasons why businesses believe print is a dying trend is because of a lack of quality. When it comes to print, the higher quality the better. It is one of the only pieces of marketing your customers or contacts will be able to touch, so getting the feel right is incredibly important.

  1. Use Professional Designs

From roller banners to posters, getting your design right is key to driving prospective customers to your business. Having a physical copy of a brochure that is of the most premium quality suddenly becomes redundant if it looks as if someone created it in 10 minutes using MS Paint!

  1. Customise the Feel

In current times it is easy to get your printed material customised to however you want. Options are available that will help your print look and feel amazing. From matt and glossy finishes to Spot UV; straight edged corners to rounded pieces; and thick stock that oozes in premium – the choices are endless.

So, if someone sent you a piece of marketing material in the post that abided by the above points – was high quality, looked professional and customised to demonstrate how you could differentiate yourself from your customers, why wouldn’t you believe print is a viable option?!

What should I be printing?

So now you why print is far from dead, what should you be printing in your business and for what occasion? Well, here is a quick guide on how to use various print products.

Indoor Events

  • Roller Banners – great conversation starter that boosts brand presence
  • Exhibition Stands – immediately draws attention to your brand whilst looking professional
  • Booklets – a concise and professionally put together piece to tell prospective customers why you are right for their business
  • Merchandise – branded goodies are a perfect way of getting people to interact with your brand

Outdoor Events

  • PVC Banners – durable and waterproof banners mean your promotions will always look new
  • Flags – a more contemporary approach to marketing that will attract visitors and customers
  • Flyers – handing out to passers-by can start a conversation about your brand


  • Postcards – a more alternative approach but ideal for grabbing attention and interest
  • Leaflets – traditional approach but valued in sharing what your business has to offer
  • Magazines/Catalogues – show off your products and services in a professional printed catalogue

Everyday Essentials

  • Business Cards – you should never leave the house without these! You just never know you are going to bump into
  • Business Stationery – letters, compliments slip and everything in between; it is vital to ensure all your business communications are consistently branded

So, in summary…

Print is not dead. Anyone who tells you otherwise has the wrong print partner. The opportunities and possibilities with print of phenomenal and neglecting the use of print within your business is a potentially damaging decision.

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