Services: Design, Print

Project: Rodrigues is the mobile hair salon setup by Natasha Rodrigues. The former Saks senior stylist started her career at 16 as an apprentice, also with Saks, but in 2017 took the plunge to start her own firm.

Natasha approached Pink Penguin with the requirement of creating a brand around her new venture. Though still very young, Natasha had plenty of experience and knowledge around the industry and ideas of her own to be able to give Pink Penguin a clearly defined and exciting brief for the branding.

The aim of the branding was to look professional and elegant whilst visually representing the service being offered. This was achieved by the use of an off shade black with the text a blonde/orange shade pushing through. The ‘s’ at the end of Rodrigues had strands curling off to represent hair.

Once the branding was complete, a flyer to serve as a price list was required for design and print. This design retained the same elegant and luxury style as per the branding, only this time inversed with the background a creamy white/grey colour, as opposed to the black background logo.




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