We have packaged SEO & PPC into one section here, but the reality is they are two separate elements of your marketing mix. They complement one another nicely but they are not co-dependent on each other.


SEO is the process of generating a nice flow of relevant visitors to your website from organic searches. It relies on using key words and terms within your content that search engines believe merit being ranked well.

There are four key functions that will help to drive a successful SEO campaign.

  • High performing website
  • Producing relevant content
  • Optimising the user experience
  • Serving as a trustworthy source



Pay-per-click (PPC), paid search, AdWords or anything else you want to call them, is the process of buying traffic and click throughs to your website. It is a newer form of marketing that can be used across search engine websites and, more increasingly, social media platforms. One of the big advantages to PPC is that the client can determine their budget and spend per advert.

This is an exciting method of marketing that is still evolving. It has already given businesses the possibility to target customers on a range of areas such as location, gender, search history and more. If a PPC campaign was designed and executed right then it can provide fantastic results.

Our PPC campaigns come with the below features:

  • Multiple platforms
  • Budget set by you
  • Target specific audiences
  • Rolling 30 day contract


SEO & PPC will, as this page demonstrates, do wonders for your business when done right. Hopefully the above helps you get an understand of how Pink Penguin can deliver these services for you. If, however, you need a little more convincing, why not take a look at a recent blog post we did which highlights 5 ways SEO will truely help your business.

5 ways in which SEO will assist your business