Current Tender Opportunity

TITLE: New Tender Advertisement: Development of Marketing Portal and E-commerce Store

Date of Post: 2nd November 2018

We are looking to enhance our offering to clients and businesses further. Our service delivery has grown significantly over the past 12 months and we have identified two developments within our business that can facilitate further growth and client offering.

We will be doing this through the following:

  • develop our marketing campaign portal to allow for commercial use by other businesses and marketing agencies
  • create an e-commerce facility on our website to allow businesses to purchase several of our products and services

As a result we are looking for a provider of consultative services who can help us develop these projects. If you think you could help then please express your interest in this tender by contacting info@pink-penguin.co.uk. Upon receipt we will send you a tender pack describing what we want you to provide us with and how you should develop your proposal.

Expression of interest deadline: 14th November 2018

Tender submission Deadline: 16th November 2018 at 17:00

Contract start date: 3rd December 2018